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The wild cat who forgot to go home

The wild cat who forgot to go home

What is complicated speech The father who was forced to leave his father blew wild meow and came to the other world. When he first came, he would die? What's this called
Shun Su Fuhua

Shun Su Fuhua

Baihua Qiongjiang The emperor of heaven was drunk, which led to chaos in the three realms. The God of Fusu scattered all his accomplishments in order to save the common people. Fusu loved Jiutian Xuanniao Shunhua. When he learned that he had collected 9981 pieces of the most spiritual thing in the three realms, a level 9981 soul, he could open the Fusu forest in Kunlun. At that time, Fusu could recover. At the proposal of Qinglong Shunying, he opened a teahouse in the human world. This time, For more than 3000 years
My adventure with the system

My adventure with the system

Don't say no There are male and female owners. The female owner crossed by accident and obtained the game system. Since then... (read, friends)

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