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I won by marrying the Regent queen

I won by marrying the Regent queen

I won by marrying the Regent queen

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    I won by marrying the Regent queen
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    Camellia has wine
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    Apple novel
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2022-01-25 21:39:21
Gu's legitimate daughter, with bright eyes and bright teeth, has a noble status. She was originally the little princess in Shengjing who was pampered and wayward and held in the palm of her hand however, after being brainwashed by Xiao Xing, he did all kinds of bad things for him. He helped him seek power and usurp the throne with his family rights. He deserved to go to his first place and live in the brothel and chuguan after wearing a book with a crow's mouth, Gu Guanguan's only dream is to be a salted fish and live leisurely to the end. It's a pity that the werewolf is around. Gu Guanguan looks at the novel. He is infatuated with women, and establishes a clothes grave for women after death, a man named after his wife GU Guanguan tried her best to seduce Tang Yu for a long time. She didn't see a man with a soft heart for a moment there are plenty of flowers at the end of the world. Why not change a man when Gu Guanguan was ready to give up, Tang Yu, like a flower of kaolin, frequently fell down the altar for Gu Guanguan... the eldest princess opened up a husband for her daughter. Every time she was met by Gu Guanguan, the young man came to retire the next day. When the whole family was thinking about what was going on, Gu Guanguan broke into the Regent's study alone seeing the case, Gu Guanguan discussed the sensible departure of the court minister. Gu Guanguan pressed step by step, "the Regent ruined people's marriage, which is not the work of a gentleman." GU Guanguan was held in the Regent's arms by a backhand and rubbed his ears and temples. "Those men are interested in taking care of their family rights. It's better for the second brother to compensate you for your husband." the little girl blushed and said, "who?" Regent Wang Xiao's negative test Fei Fei: me.

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