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She knows she can t

She knows she can t

She knows she can t

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    She knows she can t
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    Author mbf26x
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    The One Book
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2022-06-30 10:52:01
He is what she knows she can't do. He is her willful and wishful thinking< Br> she is an ordinary college student, and he is a voice broadcaster with a super pleasant voice< Br> she is lively and outgoing, a bit silly, and has a strong possessive desire for him. However, he is gentle and considerate, and treats people very well. Due to the difference in age, he was indifferent to her after knowing his feelings for her, and she pursued her and finally gave up< Br> a few years later, she graduated from college and became the accountant she most wanted to become. She made a lot of money. She often watched him live and listened to him sing. Later, she traveled to his city and met him. At this time, he was under the pressure of dating, and she ate melons< Br> then they started their long love journey< Br> attention< Br> this article is written from the perspective of the female leader. The male leader is hard spoken and soft hearted. It is a big embarrassment< Br> please look forward to it.

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