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Voice of mind: introduction paranoid boss

Voice of mind: introduction paranoid boss

Voice of mind: introduction paranoid boss

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    Voice of mind: introduction paranoid boss
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2023-01-25 02:46:59
Entertainment circle + white cut black + bigot - Su Luo is greedy for Fu Zhongwen, but he is too greedy those cold eyes just fell on her and made her lose her reason she tried her best to restrain herself and let herself stay rational, but she didn't expect that... he was the one who didn't stay rational Fu Zhongwen fished Su Luo's waist. He held Su Luo's hand tightly against the door. They were close together. Fu Zhongwen's strength was also visible he sniffed Suluo's thin neck from bottom to top, and his voice was low: "you are so smart that you dare to find someone else to fry CP ~" your voice was light and slow, as if teasing your pet... Su Luo is used to pretending. She has a big and small sister's face. She simply pretends to the end who says that an orphan can't be a big lady without someone to protect him Suluo is beautiful. She is the kind of clean and aura that will be surprised at a glance a volunteer photo made Suluo rush into the entertainment industry with her appearance, and also showed her how easy it is to earn money here she doesn't ask for much. It's enough for her to maintain her personal setup and earn a little money in three or five days but it's just that someone wants to have a hard time with her she wanted to climb up, just to get closer to him but after seeing her, her heart surged let's go first. Let's talk about it later Fu Zhongwen is handsome and elegant. His eyes are indifferent all the year round. If he doesn't act too hard, he must be the first gentle person in the mall unfortunately