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Yan Yingdi wants to kiss me every day

Yan Yingdi wants to kiss me every day

Yan Yingdi wants to kiss me every day

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    Yan Yingdi wants to kiss me every day
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    Su Baisu
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    Only Novel
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2022-01-14 09:01:24
[sweet pet + Xueba + first love + entertainment circle + two-way] Bian Lingxi is the vice president of the school of education and research of Dijing University. She has the title of professor. At the age of 23, she has reached the peak of her career. The only thing missing is a boyfriend Yan Shu, a child star in the entertainment circle, won the Aries award at the age of 15. He is recognized as a powerful actor in the circle and an eternal myth in the hearts of fans no one would think that such two people would have any intersection until their relationship was picked up. Yan Shu and Bian Lingxi were invited to record the program in a variety show. Unexpectedly, on the first day announced by the official of the program team, Yan Yingdi posted an original microblog with the following contents - @ Yan Shu Simon V: show love dies quickly. It doesn't exist here at the bottom of the microblog, the fans screamed and envied sister-in-law Yan. She was so happy "chalk" roared collectively: before Yan Dashen fell in love, the microblog only sent drama publicity. After Dashen fell in love, he sent a microblog showing his love every three or five times, which forced the whole entertainment circle to eat dog food the studio @ Zhai Xiwen V really couldn't stand it. He sent a video to hang Yan Yingdi on his microblog. Unexpectedly, he was directly rejected by Yan Yingdi to delete his blog. Since then, people in the circle know a hidden rule: Yan Da Shen protects his wife without limit