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Plain years are the best

Plain years are the best

Plain years are the best

Rating: 9 / 10 from 7608 ratings
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    Plain years are the best
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    Zhu Taiyou
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    Ethical Novel
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2022-06-21 01:25:36
Waking up in the fallen leaves, the beautiful sister picked me up. Her father sneered and said: why don't I know my daughter likes to pick up demons Fengjing was accidentally kidnapped by mountain bandits to be the wife of the stronghold. The mountain bandit leader said: we should wear a green hat for the crown prince satisfied with the status quo and ready to marry someone else, I found someone inexplicably. I said excitedly to him, "pick up" culture needs to be spread later... the person who was "picked up" changed and became the second leader of the cottage he waved his sword to practice martial arts. I flew out and wanted to compete with him. After carrying it for a while, he gradually retreated and was about to lose his shape What do you think I immediately held him in my arms and looked at his handsome face. I asked with concern, "are you all right?" his face turned red and his mouth murmured for a long time before he said, "presumptuous!" he pushed me away and left angrily I stared at his back and meditated: the steps were floating. It was obvious that the force value was not up to the standard. I had to practice with him next time (drag brother with cold appearance and shy heart, soft sister with ignorant cow force and occasional division)

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