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Blacking Clematis purification strategy

Blacking Clematis purification strategy

Blacking Clematis purification strategy

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    Blacking Clematis purification strategy
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    Qi Jingyao
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    Health Books
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2022-09-30 12:51:50
Employee transfer notice Chai daohuang, head of Yuelao Palace: due to work needs, Tianting Liability Co., Ltd. decided to transfer the employee Yunchen from Nanhai Dragon Palace, the original department, to Yuelao temple in the north of Yuelao palace, Jingshi City, your department as group leader, and reported to your department on the fifth day of winter in the Yellow Emperor era 4718 the general management department ------------------------ a hot search almost destroyed the temporary worker mu Hanling who had struggled for 500 years in Yuelao palace, Her task is to purify dragon Yunchen, the only blackened red thread fairy in the Dragon Palace in the South China Sea in 500 years, and go to the peak of her life a transfer order has completely released long Yunchen, who has been held in Nanhai dragon palace for 500 years. His task is to lead Hongxian Jingmu Hanling, the only temporary worker in Yuelao palace for 500 years, to become a full-time worker and reach the peak of his life red thread essence wood contains spirit. Only half of its life red thread can barely meet the needs of work. It is the most moldy red thread essence in the history of being sin dragon Yunchen, relying on half a red rope from nowhere and his immortal nationality, becomes a red thread immortal. He is the strongest sugar dragon in the history the story of him and her begins again this book only specifies the main CP (there should be many sub CP): "black crime dragon x soft cute red thread essence " a cookie story of mutual growth and redemption I hope you like it!

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