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A charming wife and foolish son-in-law

A charming wife and foolish son-in-law

A charming wife and foolish son-in-law

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    A charming wife and foolish son-in-law
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    Han Road
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    365 Books
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2022-05-11 21:45:22
Gu Yi, the "silly" son of the rich man's family, accidentally fell into the water and choked out Song Wanyue happened to pass by and gave him artificial respiration, which saved his life I thought I would get rich remuneration, but I didn't want people to propose marriage Song Wanyue was silly and the Song family was angry boss song: "I'm just a daughter on the tip of my heart. I'm not going to let her get married in my life. Turn left and walk slowly." second brother song: "toad wants swan meat. Let him look in the mirror!" domineering grandma song: "why do so much nonsense? Drive them out!" the male leader who was eavesdropping outside the door cried "wow", "She kissed me. If she didn't marry me, I wouldn't be able to marry my daughter-in-law all my life." people:

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