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Master Fu was defeated again today

Master Fu was defeated again today

Master Fu was defeated again today

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    Master Fu was defeated again today
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    Wild fire Zhiqiu
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2022-01-15 06:41:00
[beautiful and sassy goblins vs black belly and cold president + sweet pet + double strong + double clean] there is a character in Haicheng that everyone is afraid of they are swift and resolute, and their means are extremely ferocious it is said that he is old, ugly, short, fat and oily, but after all, it is a rumor everyone calls him Fu ye and Fu San Ye everyone knows that he has a hot temper, which is contrary to the word tenderness until one day, under the eyes of everyone, uncle Fu stuck to a little girl and didn't give up: "good boy, brother Sinian wants to hug." later, everyone knew uncle Fu has a girlfriend. She looks innocent and cute. Her vest falls off her back Third Master Fu dotes on his wife: obey her orders, follow her mistakes blindly, and be used to her temper she is proud of her pet, and he is willing to start originally, there can be no conflict between irritability and gentleness.