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Waiting for you for a thousand years

Waiting for you for a thousand years

Waiting for you for a thousand years

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    Waiting for you for a thousand years
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    Li ruojin
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    365 Books
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2023-03-27 00:52:45
After Pangu opened the world, the world was divided into six worlds, and good order was maintained between the Six Worlds until one day thousands of years ago, the demon world suddenly broke the peace and began to wantonly slaughter human beings and occupy the human world. Fortunately, the heavenly world helped. Finally, the five spirits sealed the demon family. In order to prevent the seal from breaking and the demon world from making a comeback, the five spirits were reincarnated into the adult class and lurked down, It has been peaceful for thousands of years. Until now, the seal of the demon world has suddenly loosened. Can they find the Five Spirits in the human world and seal it again?

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