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I won the cultivation world by Timi

I won the cultivation world by Timi

I won the cultivation world by Timi

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    I won the cultivation world by Timi
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    Gentleman fraudster
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    Mp3 Books
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2023-04-23 22:58:31
Luo Yanqing, who entered the cultivation world by holding his thigh, became the servant girl of Lu Shiyi, the eldest and youngest uncle of the Lu family< Br> Luo Yanqing wanted to cry without tears, holding the "rules for servant girls" written by Lu Shiyi himself. Is it true that all servant girls are like this now? You should be able to fight against the Confucians with words and be able to intimidate the people with martial arts! Luo Yanqing wondered if this was really a recruitment of servant girls< Br> Luo Yanqing, who was fooled by lushiyi, developed conscientiously and relied on TIMI to be versatile, both civil and military< Br> to learn? Any literary tycoon in TIMI can be hanged; Give her a lecture? Let her, the only disciple who enjoys TIMI boss education, give you lessons; Compared with fighting, the leaders in TIMI are all warmongers and like to duel with each other most< Br> when Luo Yanqing achieved everything in the code of servant girls through TIMI education, the last page of the code made Luo Yanqing gnash his teeth and wrote that he could become lushiyi's wife after completing the code< Br> lushiyi was kicked by his father to the land where mortals live because of his health. He looked for his own chance. He met a girl holding her thighs. The girl was miserable. Her eyes were very bright, but he felt safe for his weak body. So he took back to the cultivation world. According to the rules, he followed the girl to grow obscene and become a dominant leader step by step< Br> lushiyi looks at Luo Yanqing, full of pride: Luo Yanqing, my wife, was raised by herself< Br> Luo Yanqing looks at lushiyi: lushiyi, my husband, was covered by himself.

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