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Mrs. Hou, she is sweet and wild

Mrs. Hou, she is sweet and wild

Mrs. Hou, she is sweet and wild

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    Mrs. Hou, she is sweet and wild
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    Red reed soup
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    Wind Book
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2022-01-17 06:51:04
In his previous life, Ruan Yuqing was ill in bed for many years. He died in a raging fire. His bones did not exist, and he left a dissolute reputation the world despised her, and no one knew her pain when she was reborn, Ruan Yuqing no longer felt pity for her cousin. Facing Lin Zhengan's request for marriage, Ruan Yuqing shook her head: I think you are more suitable for my cousin after all, bitch with dog, forever someone far away in Northern Xinjiang: Qing Qing, what about me? Who do I match Ruan Yuqing shrugged: how do I know * it is well known that Hou in Zhenbei was born to control his wife. No one dared to marry him in the capital, but Taifu's direct daughter ran to Beijiang and met the man who had protected herself in the past Wei Chu: Ruan Yuqing, I was born lonely and doomed to have no wife and no children. Do you still dare to marry me Ruan Yuqing: it doesn't matter. I've been away from you. It's just right for you.