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2023-06-05 17:53:05
A drag Ba girl with some skills × A fierce man who always wants to prove that she is not only suitable for eating ancestral shade ~ **************** the big girl of the Su family in Yanjing seems to be different from before after she came back from the Grange. She not only makes her naughty and rebellious brother bow to her, but also makes the famous dandy Third Master Qin in the capital willing to run errands for her at the same time, the Su family, which has a dominant position in the lock industry, is facing the most severe test since it became famous: a lock making expert known as "ghost hand" suddenly appeared in the capital. It is said that the lock made by the Su family is more complex and sophisticated than the Su family's lock, which has made the big families in the city come to the door for locks at thousands of dollars, and the reputation has been close to the founder of the Su family in those days Han Mo, the caretaker of donglinwei Town, had a father who lived and ate with the emperor since childhood. He walked sideways in the capital when he was young. It is said that when he intervened, he agreed to do it at the third watch, so he would never leave anyone to the fifth watch. All the people in the government and the public talked about "Han" but Lord Han has also been plagued with bad luck recently. Since he was hurt by a girl film and fell on the street, he lost face and hair, and was also buckled with a hat that trapped the courtiers. So when he meets that smelly girl again, how can he be willing not to give her some color to see only when he got what he wanted, he went to visit the famous "ghost hand" who was impatient in the capital, but was finally willing to give alms after three requests and consideration. When he came out of the mountain to help handle the case, how did the half face exposed under the veil look a little familiar

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