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The alien big man came back in the s

The alien big man came back in the s

The alien big man came back in the s

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    The alien big man came back in the s
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    Thousand joists
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    Happy Novel
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2022-01-16 03:52:33
Shi Mo's family raised an orphan of his father's comrades in arms. He was a sweet and bitter white lotus. He provoked Shi Mo's relationship with his family, ran away from home, was sold into the mountains, suffered a year of suffering, finally escaped from the mountains, was saved by rigor, and fell asleep for three years because of weakness in the past three years, Shimo fetus has been cultivating immortality for thousands of years. When he soared, he was torn to pieces by lightning because his heart demons were not eliminated. The spirit passed through the crack of time and space and returned to the original world there are ten thousand years in the world, but there are only three years in the world when he comes back from rebirth, Shi Mo has revenge and gratitude. He raises steamed stuffed buns and cultivates immortals by the way.

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