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Thumping again

Thumping again

Thumping again

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    Thumping again
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    Floating moon dust
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    Long Novel
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2022-07-17 22:20:28
Song Boyun first saw Nanqing at the funeral of the Zhou family. She was a shameless "junior" who was pointed at her nose the second time he saw Nanqing was in the place where he was extremely bored. She was a "plaything" brought for exchange... once or twice, song Boyun saw Nanqing every time, which was not a serious thing that a serious woman would do he was very confident in his heart: indeed, the more he had a "weak little white flower" face, the more different he looked... he was cheated by his boyfriend and sold by his father. Nanqing lived worse than ordinary people under the name of "poor daughter" in order to make money, Nanqing did a lot of work, chatting emotionally and dubbing with excellent voice until... she looked coldly at the people trapped in the mire. She was as rebellious as song Boyun. She was rarely condescending and raised her hand to the olive branch because her voice was very like a person... later, the "Canary" kept by BoShao had more and more wings, He left his master and flew into the vast world Song Boyun hugged the Canary's thin ankle: "how can you go back with me?" "after being a bird for so long, I also want to try what it's like to raise birds ~" the Canary looked innocent and wronged and wanted to pull away that hand "OK, as long as you go back with me." the proud and precious Bo Shao gritted his teeth and became an unknown "lover"... the reason why I never forget you is that you once got full marks in my memory you came from a sea of people just to give me an empty joy

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