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Lady, her heart is like iron

Lady, her heart is like iron

Lady, her heart is like iron

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    Lady, her heart is like iron
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    Banana night rain
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    Passion Novel
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2022-01-15 23:44:44
Su Qingying was sold by her stepgrandmother as soon as she wore it. She went to the other party to withdraw her marriage. Unexpectedly, she was persuaded to marry. She conceived in October and gave birth to a son. Unexpectedly, the news of the defeat and the disappearance of his father came from the front. At this time, the heroes were everywhere. Years of war disasters, coupled with locusts, Su Qingying took her family to the Nanfang mountain to escape. As soon as she was safe, she got the news of her father, but I heard that he was surrounded by beautiful women! Who can bear it! Facing the little steamed stuffed bun crying Jiji to hold her thigh to ask for her father, Su Qingying forked her waist with a straight face: "son, your father is dead."