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Qingming gate

Qingming gate

Qingming gate

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    Qingming gate
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    Mu rongfuyu
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    People Books
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2023-03-16 23:47:21
Qingming gate -- the strongest spy in the hands of the spirit emperor of the eastern Dynasty, specializing in eradicating dissidents and killing all loyal officials and good generals in the writings of civil servants, they became a huge wave that set off the history of the defeat of the imperial court. In the eyes of the people, wherever they go, they are like the incarnation of Shura evil star when the imperial court gradually collapsed, the big prison rose, forbidding the secret agent Qingming gate to hunt down more than 100 loyal officials and good generals overnight, which was later called "the disaster of Qingming" over the past few years, the princes have acted in their own ways, fought against each other, and the state affairs are uncertain. Among them, Kangding Dynasty, Jinzhao Kingdom and fenghuandu country have the strongest strength, which is one-third of the world later, the Qingming gate hid in the court hall and no longer appeared in the world. No one knows why they disappeared and disappeared up to now, Tiankeng is in the world. It is rumored that the emperor star will rise from the ground, and those who hold artifact will win the world. The name of the real emperor is written in the book of God hunting -