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Words for life

Words for life

Words for life

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    Words for life
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    A lot of Oreos
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2022-06-03 00:49:02
For Gu Yan, Lin Yansheng is both light and redemption. "Lin Yansheng, since you like me, why didn't you tell me earlier?" Gu Yan asked a little angrily. Lin Yansheng did not answer her immediately, but gently held the little woman in front of her arms. "A person with eyes full of others, where can I see others". Gu Yan, I gave you eight years to forget him, and I gave myself eight years to forget you, but we didn't do it. As a punishment for each other, marry me. Lin Yansheng, why does a beam of light hit you every time I look at you. "If you don't like me, tell me in advance. I won't bring my head back," Gu Yan buried his head in Lin Yansheng's arms and muttered to himself. "Don't worry, there will never be such a day.". Gu Yan liked Xu Sikai for eight years, but she didn't know that it was just his obsession. He seemed to live in his own fantasy. No one will wait for you unconditionally and indefinitely, unless that person is Lin Yansheng. "When on earth did you begin to like me", "you forgot, the playground was famous", "this time, let me go to you."

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