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He s on a mammoth

He s on a mammoth

He s on a mammoth

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    He s on a mammoth
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    A concentric circle
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    Day Books
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2022-05-10 08:02:42
Gu Nanbei is a graduate student studying history. Recently, he worked in the new history museum in C City under the recommendation of his tutor. He happened to touch an ancient jade and passed through the Xia Dynasty. As soon as he arrived, he was tied to a big tree, while a man riding a mammoth was watching him coldly... it turns out that civilization is disappearing little by little, It turns out that what is buried in the long river of years is a love that cannot be seen in the world... Yao vs Gu North and South overhead. In this period, humans can use fire, bake clay pots, spin clothes with coarse linen, and build small wooden houses. You can imagine the civilization of ancient Egypt,