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Lord Gao s fairy is sweet and charming

Lord Gao s fairy is sweet and charming

Lord Gao s fairy is sweet and charming

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    Lord Gao s fairy is sweet and charming
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    Xi zhiruan
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    52weixin Books
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2022-01-26 11:57:53
She was so pure that she didn't understand emotional things. She attributed his kindness to her to the fact that he was a good man, but it suddenly came to light at the moment when he broke his leg for her her friends advised her not to go near him her relatives told her to stay away from him but she doesn't listen to anyone. They all said that she was stubborn, but she felt that he was not a fan, and she did not realize it. On the contrary, she was awfully awake before she said such words I am willing to give up everything for him this is the most beautiful love word she has ever said - is he so kind to everyone Xie Hao Yang was shocked. How could it be? It's like day by day. Of course, you are day and we are earth - she is beautiful and kind-hearted. She thinks of him everywhere, his dog skin plaster sticks to her every day clever soft glutinous Puri x loyal dog affectionate Gao Yi 1v1 Gaotian he

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