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Bone burning gentleman

Bone burning gentleman

Bone burning gentleman

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    Bone burning gentleman
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    Hua Linqing
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    Beauty Read
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2023-01-24 15:30:07
During the reign of TIANYAO, it was said that a jade was called "longevity stone", which could live forever. In order to consolidate the current power, the selfishness of the superior has been assigned to seek the method of longevity for a hundred years. Decades ago, the illusory feather country set off a bloody storm and forcibly seized it Yin Xinyue, a modern girl majoring in science and engineering, came across to carry matching jade and had a special constitution by chance, but she didn't know that all this was closely related to another person is the sudden concern of a strange teenager true or false? And what is the strange look in the eyes of others? In order to uncover the secret behind the hand string and himself, after Yin Xinyue pretended to be dead, Li daitaojiang stepped into the court. Many years later, he met young Lang again, but he didn't know he was already in a chess game those who play chess seem to smile, boasting that they have already made their mission their own responsibility. The roulette of endless destiny has already written each other's fate.

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