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Live adventure through the stars

Live adventure through the stars

Live adventure through the stars

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    Live adventure through the stars
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    Nameless acridine water
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    Canela books
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2023-03-27 01:43:21
When bitten by a zombie, Ji Zhixi thought everything was over. Unexpectedly, she went through the interstellar era. Although she wore this original body without father and mother, and was exiled to the ancient earth for her friends, what is more gratifying to be reborn with botanical powers? And looking at the endless forest and full of resources, it can't be too beautiful. Just roll up your sleeves! Explore the forest every day, hunt, plant and farm, and pick up cubs by the way! Make some money live broadcast - netizen A: ha ha, in order to attract traffic, go crazy and run to the hopeless zone netizen B: steamed delicious mutant fish? Mutant fish are so easy to catch? Mutated fish without purification cannot be eaten at all! Believe it or not, I'll report you false propaganda until Ji Zhixi became the most popular person in the whole star - netizen A: Goddess, I am willing to be a cow and horse for you netizen B: Goddess, look at me, I am willing to give everything to you purification guild: please join us, we will give way to the position of president Top medicine master: please accept me as an apprentice! Give me a chance to learn from you a richest man: I will give you all the planets under my name. Please give me a chance to cooperate a prince: if you stay with me, you will become the queen this novel and its characters are purely fictional. If there are similarities, they are purely coincidental. Do not imitate them.