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Honey grapefruit tea series cases

Honey grapefruit tea series cases

Honey grapefruit tea series cases

Rating: 9 / 10 from 1570 ratings
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    Honey grapefruit tea series cases
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    Writer Zhou Li
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    Health Books
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2023-05-22 03:18:49
Hoh HSI Tzu is a returnee. She ran into Shan Li at the airport. At first, she didn't like Shan Li. Shan Li, who is good at disguise, soon gained the trust of hoh HSI Tzu. After they lived together, Shan often asked Xi Tzu to drink honey grapefruit tea to tell her that it had whitening effect. Moreover, Shan Li often carried four mobile phones with her. Xizi's colleague inadvertently asked her why there were more spots on her face, Xizi's good friend Wenwen hanged himself at home. Xizi began to suspect that she had something to do with Shan Li. Shan Li disappeared again. She still received honey grapefruit tea every day. She began to investigate Shan Li. She didn't find Shan Li at the police station, and his company didn't exist. She found that Xi Zi had been deceived by major projects for the company, One day, in a quiet resort by the sea, the room attendant found a man's body with honey grapefruit tea next to him.

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