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Salted fish author online urged

Salted fish author online urged

Salted fish author online urged

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    Salted fish author online urged
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    Recalling a dream
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    Read Novel Free
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2022-09-21 22:39:39
Jiangsese, a salted fish net writer, is either dragging or on the way every day. All editors have nothing to do with her. Until they meet him, jiangsese doesn't know what is dark and tragic GU Jinyan, a prodigal God who was rated as a professional editor, never had a disobedient and gentle author in his hands. He didn't know what a real salted fish was until he met Jiang Sese. Let's see who laughs last "Jiang SISE, it's time to be more polite today!" "cough... Cough... Editor, I'm sick today. Can I take a week off?" "why did you get sick when I came here? I thought you were alive and kicking half an hour ago." "Alas, maybe we don't agree with each other!" "Hehe, you play a lot. I tell you, even if you have a fever of 40 degrees today, you have to finish the text!" "I hate!" "add a chapter!" "don't, don't, don't, don't, don't, I'll go to the watch right away! I'll go to the watch right away!"

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