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Lucky peasant women have space

Lucky peasant women have space

Lucky peasant women have space

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    Lucky peasant women have space
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    Beiye Linglang
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    Woske Novel
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2022-05-14 04:02:08
Yan Jiao had eight bad luck in her life. When she was checking the rice in the field, her foot slipped and fell into the field and killed herself. When she opened her eyes again, she found that she had become a poor refugee dressed in rags and choked on eating Guanyin soil. There was also a handful of mud in her mouth. She was determined to get rid of poverty, so she led the villagers to start growing rice and high-quality vegetables and fruits let's say that Zhou Xiucai, who is white and gentle, has black eyes and faints with hunger. No one dares to come forward to rescue him. Only Yan Jianv saved her life with a bowl of white porridge. Anyway, she can't get married. Her neighbors are enthusiastic about matchmaking and even for marriage who knows, Zhou Xiucai is ungrateful and despises her: a peasant girl with shallow knowledge result: almost ruined the happiness of the second half of life doubt her: can you do it? Don't do porcelain work without diamond result: a handsome face was beaten into a pig's head the scholar swore fiercely in front of her: I must be admitted to fame, and then teach you a lesson later, Zhou Xiucai was admitted to fame, hired eight sedan chairs and made up for the bride price. At night, she consciously handed in a whip to tame her husband: from now on, the mother will let her go east. If her husband disobeys, the family law will serve her you are engaged in business and farming and lead the people to become rich. I will test my merit and reputation and protect the peace of the people!

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