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Deliberately spoiled

Deliberately spoiled

Deliberately spoiled

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    Deliberately spoiled
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    Fishing songs don't sing late
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    Weixin Book
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2022-06-26 09:02:57
[campus of Gaotian university] the Physics Department of a university, one of the trump majors of the top schools, originally thought that the students in the college were the leaders of sullen experiments. As a result, once the competition, the immortal ensemble of a University won the first place in the non professional group SHEN man: it's too out of the circle. I'll keep a low profile in the future unexpectedly, things backfired SHEN man's ordinary family background is actually the richest man in Haicheng; Say what you say; A minor law student finally became a top lawyer in international law... just as everyone wailed about what else Shen man didn't know, the heir of emperor Pei Jiaxin announced a high-profile oath of sovereignty: Thank you for your positive attention to my wife Shen man.