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The system always wants me to kill villains

The system always wants me to kill villains

The system always wants me to kill villains

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    The system always wants me to kill villains
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    An Shaoxia
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    Mp3 Books
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2022-05-14 16:19:52
System A01: if you don't kill the villain boss, the world will be destroyed Lin ranqin: it seems that the villain is still alive and has not completely blackened then she found that the villain was chased and killed all over the world and everyone shouted at him? She has to blacken if she wants to so in order not to kill people, she started to take care of the villain, a nanny who should take good care of both body and mind from inside to outside? Life when he was powerful, a dangerous look floated to the crowd not far away Lin zhanqin came forward with a flattering smile, "what kind of cuisine do you want to eat today?" when he had no strength, he stretched out his arm and said, "hug and eat roast chicken." Lin zhanqin had no choice but to let him lie on his body like a koala and cook with weight to satisfy his stomach serious copywriter: inexplicable amnesia, she came to a strange fairy world. She has a system, but she can't believe it and can't use it. She has spiritual power, but she can't make it or repair it she is also watched by the system to kill the villain boss every day. I think she knows nothing about it. How can she beat the big boss who is chased and killed by the world and can destroy the world it seems that she can only use the gourmet strategy but how did the villain boss turn into a cute sticky koala?

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