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This harem doesn t compete for favor

This harem doesn t compete for favor

This harem doesn t compete for favor

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    This harem doesn t compete for favor
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    Xiaojin year
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    Health Books
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2023-03-14 20:30:22
Jane Su never expected that she would catch up with the crossing trend and become the queen of an overhead Dynasty -- but! Who can tell her What's the world like?! It's not the female Dynasty. Women don't compete with each other, but men calculate with each other, plot and frame each other What's the world like?! Those concubines, all want to assist her and the emperor. It's amazing. Youmuyou! Isn't the harem in TV dramas and novels fighting openly and secretly, and there are vicious concubines? As a result, this doesn't exist. Why are these women so positive? Isn't this harem a favorite -- Jane Su said that she just wanted to be a loser and live in the cold palace, but it was too difficult! Woo woo... -- eh? Wait, why did she want to go to the cold palace at the beginning, because she was afraid of the dangerous palace fight in the harem, but the harem didn't compete for favor at all< br>( ω ) then, be his queen