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Surreal detective reasoning game

Surreal detective reasoning game

Surreal detective reasoning game

Rating: 9 / 10 from 514 ratings
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    Surreal detective reasoning game
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    LAN Dailian
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    Bestair novel
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2022-05-16 19:15:48
Lu Lin entered a game, a super real detective game after the case "woven bag in the attic" was solved, the game gave 30000 rewards thirty thousand! That's Lu Lin's salary for half a year the case "murder without cause" is an assistance case, which is simply to give fifteen thousand yuan for a favor as long as you solve the case, you can pay tens of thousands immortal board! Who can stand it! It must be crazy to explore cases in the game and make money just when Lu Lin felt that she could become Bai Fumei by playing games and set foot on the peak of her life, she seemed to have discovered the secret behind the game, a secret closely related to her and her parents if you want to know more, you can only continue to explore in the game explore this game, and also explore the NPC around him who has a perfect side face and perfect body and grows in Lu Lin's aesthetics from any angle. See why he is sometimes enthusiastic and sometimes cold to himself. He seems to keep a distance from himself, but he is always with himself and never leaves.

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