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Break up countdown 100 days

Break up countdown 100 days

Break up countdown 100 days

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    Break up countdown 100 days
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    Cicadas are still chirping
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    365 Books
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2022-04-17 09:23:57
There are 100 days left. We've been together for three years I'll have known you for four years in 100 days on the night of the first meeting, she asked him, "if you are destined to have no results, do you think it is necessary to meet?" He said without hesitation: "it's not necessary. Fate won't be so cruel. Why arrange for people without results to meet." Her strength was suddenly awakened, and she turned and squeezed out a hypocritical smile: "you still have contact with your kindergarten classmates?" he looked at her with a puzzled expression: "knowing is not meeting." on the night when she decided to be together, she asked him, "if I were a messenger from the future, I'll tell you that our final outcome is separation. Do we still want to be together?" He looked at her with a smile and told her with great sincerity, "yes." his eyes were bright: "messenger of the future, I will start to change the future."

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