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Flower Moon forest

Flower Moon forest

Flower Moon forest

Rating: 9 / 10 from 3553 ratings
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    Flower Moon forest
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    Pansy tears
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    Passion Novel
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2022-04-02 02:58:49
Wu Lingling of Aijia university is majoring in Chinese language and literature as a freshman in Aijia University, there is a small forest full of cherry trees. Whenever spring comes, pink petals float in the air a pleasant afternoon. Wu Lingling sat on the wooden bench beside the school grove and wrote a novel with a computer. It was dusk suddenly, a white light flashed, and Wu Lingling crossed into a different space world here is the world of novels written by Wu Lingling Oh, my God! Where is this? Wu Lingling sighed in the novel written by Wu Lingling, it is about the female master Jing Xiaoai, who was finally abandoned by the scum man not long after he was with his male god Xia Xiaqi! Then he was framed by Xia qixinhuan and finally jumped into the sea and died since fate has made me cross into my own novel, I will help the heroine turn defeat into victory "hint, hint, you are now the novel female master Jing Xiaoai!" "I'm AI Jingxiao? Who are you?" Wu Lingling was puzzled "I'm your cute pet, Lala! Next, it's up to you to change AI's life against the sky!" "ah?" well, the name of the novel written by Wu Lingling is called Flower Moon forest!

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