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On the nurse s Salted Fish skills

On the nurse s Salted Fish skills

On the nurse s Salted Fish skills

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    On the nurse s Salted Fish skills
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    Youying dream
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    Mountain Book
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2023-03-27 04:10:34
The end of the world is a topic that will be mentioned every few years. But I think no one really expects the end of the world but in fact, the end of the world is really coming. One day, all mankind was forced to pull into a strange world, bind a system, and start the journey of struggling to survive in the end of the world it's just that the painting style of "the end of the world" doesn't seem quite right occupation? Magic? Copy? Skills What about the agreed end of the world? It's like a game OK, anyway, as a mortal, what else can I do except accept it in this doomsday, I became a glorious "wet nurse" there's no other reason to be a wet nurse, just because you want to be a salted fish. Is there anything more rowing than a wet nurse? Others are tired and tired of playing strange games. I can just put healing skills in the back. Is it not good experience in team formation or lying on my thigh as a wet nurse, I just need to be cured. It's great to row water and salted fish but when I was enjoying my salted fish life, I found that the nanny began to roll up! If you don't work hard, you can't hold your thigh in order to continue the salted fish, no, in order to continue to shine and heat for the team, I can only find ways to become stronger, but I accidentally harvest super skills. What's the matter? The skills of this wonderful painting style are extracted from comics. I'm just a wet nurse. This skill is not in line with my career. And what happened to the subsequent series of disturbances. I just want to be a salted fish. Why is it so difficult.

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