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Through? The one with a family

Through? The one with a family

Through? The one with a family

Rating: 9 / 10 from 1859 ratings
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    Through? The one with a family
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    Man is super sweet
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    Lava Novel
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Want to cross, the one with a family after Suzie's car accident, not only people came, but also her husband and daughter, including the erha in her family... the family is in ruins and infamous, selling women for money... I thought it was the worst, but I didn't expect that hell was waiting for their family the original owner's best father-in-law and mother-in-law and a large group of wonderful parents. Looking at the life of chicken flying and dog jumping all day, Susie had to roll up her sleeves... Pretending to be a bitch but living this day, the husband and wife found a big problem Ji Nan: "is our daughter a fortune boy?" Susie: "our second HA is Koi husky, isn't it?" with this kind of double buff blessing, why do you worry about a bad life!

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