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My husband s routine is deep

My husband s routine is deep

My husband s routine is deep

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    My husband s routine is deep
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    Shu Yuqing
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    18ws Read
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2022-01-14 18:09:42
At the first meeting, Shen San was beaten and vomited blood by his daughter-in-law wearing a vest, the people in the shadow Pavilion sharpened their swords, SHEN Sany waved and said magnanimously "let her go this time!" at the second meeting, Shen San was called a ear of melon by his daughter-in-law without a vest, the Shen family were furious SHEN Sany waved and said the same magnanimously "If a good man doesn't fight with a woman, let her this time!" on the first day of his marriage, Shen San received his daughter-in-law's promise. "I'll cover you in the future!" Lin Huaijin patted his chest and vowed. "Oh? How can you protect me?" "I... I have money!" pointed to 120 dowries in the yard. " Lin Huaijin feels that his husband is a childe in the middle of the family. He can't carry his shoulders or pick his hands. He should take care of SHEN San feels that his daughter-in-law is delicate and soft. He should spoil until one day his family members from the two sects in the Jianghu meet

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