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Star super plant trainer

Star super plant trainer

Star super plant trainer

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    Star super plant trainer
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    Leaves in the moonlight
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    Day Books
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2023-01-29 17:04:50
Su Qing grew up in an orphanage and developed a self abased and sensitive personality. After growing up, she was very uncomfortable with the intrigues and intrigues in the workplace. finally, she collapsed and got social phobia. She had to stay at home and live alone. when she was old, she was terminally ill and died in the hospital. I don't know why she opened her eyes and became a three-year-old girl. Her parents are getting divorced she doesn't care about adults. Just watch silently. after the divorce, her mother was irritable. Fortunately, there was her grandmother who loved her, eh!! How strange the world is? Su Qing decides to integrate into the new life and learn not to fear communicating with others. unexpectedly, the jade pendant left by cheap dad is actually a family heirloom, in which there is a trace of the original God of the ancestors. Well, you are the biggest, I listen to you, Su Qinggang used her ability to improve the life at home, and her mother took all the money at home and ran away with others God just doesn't like her. He always wants her to be an orphan. At the age of three, Su Qing clenches her little fist. I won't give in. I want to go to school and become the most powerful power teacher in the Empire grandma looked surprised, "school, no, school doesn't accept children." .........

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