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Treat the superior without respect

Treat the superior without respect

Treat the superior without respect

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    Treat the superior without respect
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    Wind Book
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2023-03-19 06:27:06
Wang Er, the online name, is so named because he is very tired of his mother's endless nagging about the trivial things of having grandchildren, his father's serious preaching and unlimited upper outline online, and his wife's demanding promotion. The root of the disease is the suspicion of cheating on his wife. Over time, it seems to have become the devil in Wang Er's heart. There was nothing to do. Wang Er thought of a "wonderful" way to play "lost contact" to relax. He had to go to his grandmother who kept an empty house all his life to get money, but she was guessed by her grandmother. Only then did she tell a sad and even unimaginable story between her grandfather who fled to Taiwan on the eve of liberation and the new milk he married in Taiwan, In order to relieve Wang Er's mind. Although Wang Er was moved, he still stubbornly believed that the love and hatred between him and his wife could not be compared with grandma and grandpa. In the face of her grandson's helplessness of "I don't know my happiness in happiness", my grandmother had to come up with a good prescription for "working" at the construction site (joking). Driven by his rebellious psychology, Wang Erzhen listened to his grandmother's advice... the story consists of the story of his grandmother and grandpa and his new grandmother, Wang ER2's life experience of "working" on the construction site, and Wang ER2 accompanied his father to Taiwan to deal with his grandfather's afterlife. Finally, through grandpa's "return" (ashes and clay sculptures) and grandma's long cherished wish, in order to show the cross-strait family relationship with blood thicker than water, as well as the hard won and cherished theme of the existing life.