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My mommy is a super flying man

My mommy is a super flying man

My mommy is a super flying man

Rating: 9 / 10 from 1806 ratings
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    My mommy is a super flying man
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    Leng Xinyu
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    Vchale Novel
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Qian Sihan is a girl who got married shortly after graduating from university. Her father-in-law is divine and prefers boys to girls. She not only can't get her husband's living expenses every month, but also concentrates on serving her mother-in-law at home. She looks forward to the husband she yearns for day and night to take them to reunite. Unexpectedly, what she welcomes is her husband's betrayal, From then on, she started the arduous journey of taking her baby alone. She faced the pressure of life and the threat of her husband. Just when she felt that life was hopeless, Zhao Yunfei, a big man in the film and television industry, appeared. He not only improved her and her children's life, but also helped her become an influential and excellent anchor step by step.

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