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The boss has a new vest

The boss has a new vest

The boss has a new vest

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    The boss has a new vest
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    Mulberry and elm clear dusk
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    Mountain Book
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2022-05-14 01:22:46
"Modern shuangwen + strong alliance + sweet pet" Chu cuisine, a "weak woman" who disappeared at the age of four and reappeared at the age of 17, was reviled and accused for no reason. The father took one million, "you make complaints about yourself. I only have a daughter in Ying. This life is not in front of the river family." One day, Mrs. Yun is no longer obsessed with looking for her daughter-in-law, but kicks the second Shao of the cloud family as an assistant. What brother make complaints about: "Yun Wo is not too good, even a little girl can't decide..." Chu dish: "aunt, brother is very good..." "children, no love." Yun he is very natural to wash dishes and spread his delicate dishes. This is not like putting in a tent, not knowing the customs. You said that yundashao was blinded by beauty and fell in love with a wild girl who was ignorant, inferior and unknown How about a world-class doctor? The first hacker in the international ranking list? One of the members of the national seven star group... Oh, no, in your position, you don't deserve to know this... Mrs. Yun is speechless. This is my daughter-in-law, academician of any research institute and President of any international group. Get out of my way and rob my children, too?