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Orange is a soft persimmon

Orange is a soft persimmon

Orange is a soft persimmon

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    Orange is a soft persimmon
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    Try to hold on
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    Clean book
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2022-02-26 08:57:10
On the blind date for Chen Weiran, she went to the wrong box. One of the people sitting inside was her future male friend, Lin Yuan I went to the right box. I thought I hadn't seen the photo. I claimed that Chen Weiran had dinner with someone. After the person asked to add her wechat, I suddenly realized that I was a clown. I didn't know... Hide my face and run away... after more than a month of blind date turmoil, Chen Juzi's parents had something to return to the countryside. The next few days, as soon as they left the front foot area, they reported the suspected case, and the whole area was controlled and closed for nucleic acid treatment when a volunteer who was wrapped up all over received the food supply, a man who was not very familiar called her through a heavy protective mask: "Chen Weiran?" Chen Juzi subconsciously denied: "Chen Weiran is my sister. My name is Chen Juzi." there were a lot of people lining up behind. She didn't think much. She took something and went home wearing heavy protective clothing, Lin Yuan looked at Chen Juzi's back and felt funny: did the girl just wake up? Who's called orange?

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