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Happy palace gate

Happy palace gate

Happy palace gate

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    Happy palace gate
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    Half branch snow
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    Woske Novel
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2022-08-05 18:17:15
In the draft year, she was only 13 years old. She was born in a humble family. She was thin and weak. She knelt among a group of beautiful women. Everyone laughed at her poor ghost and overestimated her strength. But who could have thought that she was muddled into being elected by the Empress Dowager to make up after entering the palace, she became the last nine grade picking girl, ate the worst food, wore the simplest clothes and lived in the most remote palace. Everyone said that she would never see the emperor in her life, but she was turned over the first day when she first went to bed, she was nervous and afraid. She forgot everything mammy taught and was caught by the emperor for stealing snacks. This time even she felt dead, but the emperor was not angry and asked people to make a lot of delicious food for her and send it back people in the harem: "..." since then, ye Sixian has lived a cautious and trembling life in the deep palace. You have to hide the bright gun, defend the hidden arrow, fight for your pet, and give birth to a baby... sometimes Ye Sixian will think, as the daughter of a seven grade sesame official, she is so stupid. Is it lucky or unfortunate to enter the palace and be the emperor's concubine?

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