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The host is also pretending to be a villain today

The host is also pretending to be a villain today

The host is also pretending to be a villain today

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    The host is also pretending to be a villain today
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    There is Su Qiyou
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    Wind Book
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2022-08-10 02:06:58
(Tian Chong, 1v1) gold and silver CP yinlian, who has been engaged in villains' work for more than ten years and earned old money, transferred his department: Tongqing: host! That's the Lord of the world Yin Lian stopped angrily: Hey, career habits (turning his head) Yin Lian: give me Xiyue villa and the devil's way Tongqing: World villain: how can you rob me of my job Theater 2: when yinlian sharpens his knife and is ready to usurp the throne Tongqing: host! Your task is to assist the male Lord to usurp the throne! Not you Yin Lian: I usurped the throne of the emperor first, and then he usurped mine. Isn't it the same Tongqing: it makes sense that Yazi # is also brainwashed by the host today # no! We're not villains Hey villain Emperor:?? Someone robbed my villain script director, it's agreed that I'm a villain director: Er... There's not enough money recently. Why don't you have a box lunch early villain Emperor:... wherever yinlian goes, villains don't stay alive. Men and women cut off a layer of hair villains: Here's the script, you play it this book is also known as "the host is robbing the villains' scripts today" the host is holding the villains' scripts " Yin Lian: what kind of disguised villains, this palace has its own villains aura the villain in this book - Yin Lian the villain's little wife in this book - startled White cut black sect leader vs milk dog crazy batch

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