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The moon in the Apocalypse

The moon in the Apocalypse

The moon in the Apocalypse

Rating: 9 / 10 from 2946 ratings
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    The moon in the Apocalypse
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    Ride a radish up a tree
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    Yipin Books
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2022-03-18 03:46:17
Xiao Heng struggled to live in the end of the world, indulged his desire to fight in the dark days, and the strong murderous spirit almost swallowed up people. No one dared to get close to him Xiao Heng has almost forgotten the human temperature during a base encirclement and suppression, he was trapped in mud and algae without assistance the strange beast surrounded by the deep forest intensified his heavy fatigue, and he seemed to be dying "Da, Da" Shenlin came out of a thin child. She leaned on a strange wood and slowly approached him with her eyes closed "my name is Yueyue. Are you okay?" PS: female principal is blind, physically weak and mentally strong; Male dominant humanoid weapon with high force value. Apocalyptic times CP: Xiao Heng Month month

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