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A jewel is embedded in the crown of a monarch or marquis

A jewel is embedded in the crown of a monarch or marquis

A jewel is embedded in the crown of a monarch or marquis

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    A jewel is embedded in the crown of a monarch or marquis
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    Sunset orange glow
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    Yipin Books
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2022-08-02 11:25:31
Gu Baozhu had the same dream for more than a month. In the dream, she was also high above the stars and supported the moon, but she only despised song Yan's love. She didn't leave him half decent in public and trampled his dignity in the mud who would have thought that later, she married far away and died of humiliation from the Turks the young man who looked up to him at the beginning was the Duke of Zhenbei who had made great achievements in war. He was the dream of many girls in Lin'an City when goodbye, she was out of her mind; He commanded thousands of soldiers and was in high spirits... after waking up, she dried her cold sweat and sneered. It was such a ridiculous dream up to the gate of the Academy, the handsome young man said with a smile that his name was song Yan. Holding a round fan, Gu Baozhu's lazy eyelids jumped... GU Baozhu thought carefully and decided to be better to song Yan who would have thought that song Yan was indifferent to her alienation hate kicked away the cold stone in the corner, and Gu Baozhu secretly scolded "cover the hot stone" after wiping away her tears, Gu Baozhu changed her strategy and decided to kill the Turk Shan Yu directly, and then the official raised her face and let herself be carefree unexpectedly, before Gu Baozhu finished her first move of chess, the dog man suddenly shook his hands and locked her shoulder. His reddish eyes were affectionate and complex "Baozhu, I will never let you leave..." intention: may all the beauty in the world be lived up to a handsome business house with a gully on the surface vs a bright and beautiful princess who is absurd and uninhibited on the surface but smart and smart in fact

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