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You can t catch the early rabbit

You can t catch the early rabbit

You can t catch the early rabbit

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    You can t catch the early rabbit
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    Listening to the sea
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2022-01-15 04:06:36
An old bird in the workplace, a middle-level technology company, managed his own performance in the workplace and climbed up recklessly, but unexpectedly became a victim in the adjustment of the company's structure and the power struggle. Out or fight back? It has become an inseparable option adjusting yourself is better than cursing others. The situation is formed only because you are too conservative. If you can't be promoted all the time, it's just because you haven't found a way to kill your boss. Use catering to cover up the calculation for the top, and reconcile the workplace conflicts that occur at any time for the bottom. Effective methods can come from inside or rely on foreign aid. The most important thing is to establish an unbreakable offensive and defensive alliance. In addition to interests, what else can the establishment of this alliance and fortress become a strong coupling link? Can you sacrifice or betray I thought I was as smart as an early rising rabbit, which overwhelmed the hunter. But when all the prosperity dissipated, I finally found that the rabbit I couldn't catch was not prey in the eyes of a real Hunter

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