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My ancestors, she is SA and sweet

My ancestors, she is SA and sweet

My ancestors, she is SA and sweet

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    My ancestors, she is SA and sweet
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2022-01-13 02:59:46
As the Lord of the nether world, Xiyao was not afraid of heaven and earth. As a result, she was accidentally framed and sealed as a drought for thousands of years Gan! Do you want me to lose face when he woke up again, a beautiful man was lying in front of the coffin who was seriously injured and died soon beautiful men are rare these days. Xiyao reluctantly gave up a drop of her blood to form a contract with him. Since then, Qi Mochen, a beautiful man servant who is neither human nor ghost, has been added this beautiful male servant is good everywhere when he is away. He just closes the door and likes the following crimes one day, Xiyao finally couldn't bear it. "Qi Mochen, I regret and return my blood!" Qi Mochen raised his eyelids, "the two sides of the transaction are willing and will not return." Xiyao gnashed his teeth, "Qi Mochen! Your uncle's!" someone's calm voice came, "that's your uncle, too."

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