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Whether Buddha or devil

Whether Buddha or devil

Whether Buddha or devil

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    Whether Buddha or devil
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    Yuan Zhenzhen
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    Free Novel!
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2022-01-12 21:37:38
Buddhists often say that when one reads to become a Buddha, one reads to become a devil, but one doesn't know that Buddha is both a devil and a devil is both a Buddha. Everyone worships the gods and Buddha, but they don't know. Most of the time, they worship me, an arrogant devil. I don't know where I came from. It's like when heaven and earth were in chaos, or when all things were born. When I realized my existence, I was a creature in the world. Human beings let me know myself. If I use human words, I'm neither God nor Buddha. I'm probably the devil they call, and I can't name it, The Buddha told me that day that I was just a delusion born of human beings and formed by lingering. Since the Buddha says I am delusional, I call myself delusional Lin Ye, who was originally a daughter, was a man. Even if he had a dream, he could not escape the arrangement of fate forestry is the memory of a dream, but it strays into the future and goes back to the past. Great changes have taken place in our country and chaos is coming. Look at how we can reverse heaven and earth. It's difficult to distinguish between male and female. Gods and demons are one he is Xiao Shi. Isn't he an infatuated child you're a fool. I'm your husband, Lin Ye. Look where you're going this time< br>……

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