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It s not easy to be spoiled by the sect

It s not easy to be spoiled by the sect

It s not easy to be spoiled by the sect

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    It s not easy to be spoiled by the sect
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    Jian Yue
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    Mp3 Books
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2023-05-25 19:39:23
I was ordered by my mother to cultivate immortals. I thought I had to struggle hard. As a result, I measured the natural spirit. As soon as I entered the sect, I was spoiled by the whole sect the patriarch Shifu looked cold, but she always gave her treasures and said, "use these first and find better ones for you as a teacher." the elders begged her to learn their secret skills all day, "Xiao Yuer, martial uncle, you're about to learn the ancient Dan recipe and refine some pills for martial uncle to study."... originally, she was carefree, but someone bullied her sect, I can't bear it. It depends on how she cultivates to the supreme position of the lower world, protects the sect door and is Shiwei why is this sword maniac of Lingxiao sword sect always pestering her the keepsake left by Dad robbed her aura and swallowed her treasure. It turned out to be an old monster with a refined weapon spirit that has been tens of thousands of years old.

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