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World War I fame!

World War I fame!

World War I fame!

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    World War I fame!
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    Don't eat raw and soft
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2022-01-19 23:39:10
Beside Liuyun stream, a woman dressed in white gauze sat on her favorite swing and looked at a smiling woman nearby waving. "Cat cat, you come." A figure came up bouncing and said sweetly, "sister, what's the matter?" The woman bowed her head and gently stroked Qiansi on her wrist. She felt Qiansi's sadness and resistance, but... She put her hand on the cat's hand. She didn't know whether to tell the cat or who to say "help me take care of her." Finally, the thousand silk wound around the cat's hand. Cat cat didn't understand. She knew it was her sister's weapon, but why did she give it to herself "sister, what is this?" "darling, it's all right. My sister will go away and let it protect you for my sister. Will you help my sister protect it and don't let others take it away?" Oh, that's it. "OK, sister, I'm sure to protect it." "go play." "well, sister, I went to pick flowers for you." "OK, go." watching the cat walk away, the woman took a deep breath and walked to the edge of the cliff step by step. Finally, she looked at the figure of picking flowers, turned her head and jumped off the unintentional cliff without nostalgia. The last word in her heart was that she was finally free the thousand silk on the cat suddenly struggled violently. The cat thought it was losing its temper with itself and coaxed it softly to "good, don't make trouble. I'll take care of you for her. When she comes back, you'll go back. Let's pick flowers for her." however, after she picked it, she looked back and saw only a white ribbon falling to the edge of the cliff, while her sister disappeared.

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