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Yan Laizhi

Yan Laizhi

Yan Laizhi

Rating: 9 / 10 from 6553 ratings
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    Yan Laizhi
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    Ll Lin Ling
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    Woske Novel
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2022-01-09 01:59:14
A girl in a straw hat carried a knife and led an old toothless horse the sky is near and the world is flat. She has no ambition to Lingyun. She just wants to eliminate gratitude and hatred in the play, a scholar is matched with a female ghost, but in reality, she is a female man with a dagger Jianghu has always had a bad heart. Wind brings blood and rain clarifies. It is both insidious and aboveboard as the apprentice of the first master in the Jianghu, Yan Junlai went down the mountain and broke into the world. The first thing he did was to avenge the master Hu madman this girl has a tiger character. What she does is to be able to fight. She never says much. She is not soft hearted when she fights for the first time and kills for the first time she wants to spend her whole life wandering and become a mysterious expert in Jianghu legends a governor is better than a wish

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