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Slytherin s self-cultivation

Slytherin s self-cultivation

Slytherin s self-cultivation

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    Slytherin s self-cultivation
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2022-11-23 16:52:19
My name is Natalie Slytherin, a descendant of sacara Slytherin when I was 11 years old, I received the admission notice from Hogwarts... The mysterious man made a comeback and broke my comfort with blood ambition and desire grow madly in the bottom of my heart and weave a lie known as love. Is this true or illusory, or is illusory mixed with real and real mixed with illusory. Maybe even the liar doesn't know his "lie"... what is the relationship between the mysterious man and himself? What on earth did I... Forget something important... instructions for eating (focus on knocking on the blackboard): this work is more exquisite, and the dates and courses are carried out according to the original work this work is not easy to play strange. The male owner is tentative the heroine's character is more Slytherin. After all, the education instilled since childhood is pure blood first, but she also has Gryffindor's adventurous spirit, full of ambition but kind-hearted, brave but not reckless.

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